SDA’s Twist Three Angel’s Messages


Have SDA’s got the Three Angel’s Messages right?

The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is ”to proclaim the everlasting gospel embraced by the three angels’’ messages’ (Revelation 14:6-12).

Interestingly, most SDA’s do not have a clue about the meaning of the Three Angel’s Messages. Just talk to a lay member. Not just that. SDA’s have built a mission statement based on a twisted interpretation of Revelation and the three angels. Here’s how it goes.

What do SDA’s teach on the three angels of Revelation 14? 

  • SDA’s teach that the first angel’s message was proclaimed and fulfilled in 1843/1844, through those (Millerites) who  were preaching the soon coming of Christ:

Ellen White, SDA prophet, wrote: ”Prophecy was fulfilled in the first and second angels’ messages. They were given at the right time [1844] and accomplished the work” (Ellen White, Early Writings, p. 235).

Further, when Revelation 14 says ”the judgement is come” (Rev 14:7), SDA’s teach that God began judging and investigating the righteous from 1844.

  • SDA’s teach that the second angel’s message is a call for Christians attending non-Adventist churches (referred to as Babylon) to leave those churches and join the true remnant church–the Seventh-day Adventists.

Ellen White wrote: ‘’As the churches refused to receive the first angel’s message, they rejected the light from heaven and fell from the favor of God(Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1, p. 134).

  • SDA’s teach the third angel’s message is a warning against receiving the Mark of the Beast, which is said to be worship on Sunday.

The Sabbath is the great test question. It is the line of demarcation between the loyal and true and the disloyal and transgressor. … It is the seal of the living God” (Ellen White, Selected Messages Book 3, p. 423)

Problems with SDA teachings 

Fulfilled in 1844?

  •  The Bible says the 3 angels messages were to go:

“…to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people” (Rev. 14:6).

  •  But the Millerite Movement in 1844 was largely confined to the Northeastern United States, southeastern Canada, and perhaps 2,000 to 3,000 followers in Britain, and a handful of believers in a few scattered places in Europe.

    How could a message that reached less than 1% of the world’s population–mainly English speakers–be a fulfilment of a prophecy that was to go “to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people“?

Judgment of the righteous in Revelation?

  • There is not a hint anywhere in Revelation 14 of a judgment upon the righteous or any investigation of the righteous. This is a SDA invention. The judgment is a judgment of vengeance and punishment of the wicked. In the book of Revelation, the souls of the martyrs (righteous) are heard crying out for vengeance/judgment:

    ”How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” (Rev. 6:1)

  • Hence, the ‘judgement is come’ is not for the righteous, but the wicked. The Bible is very clear that believers will not come into condemnation: ”Whoever hears my word and believes him [Jesus] who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged [condemned] but has crossed over from death to life” (Jn 5:24).
  • True, the Bible says God will judge both the righteous and the wicked. Since, judgement is mysteriously present in preaching of the gospel (John 3:18), those who disobey the gospel are judged already (John 5:24). Hence, God doesn’t require any further investigation to decide who are his children.
  • If there is a time for judgement, it is at his appearing, and not before or from 1844. : ‘I solemnly urge you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus, who will someday judge the living and the dead when he appears to set up his Kingdom‘ (2 Timothy 4:1)

SDA’s have no basis contextually to say that the judgement specifically in Revelation is on the righteous, and there is certainly no investigative judgement. The context points to a judgment of the wicked.

Are all the protestant churches Babylon?

See: Our Revelation Commentary

Sunday is the mark of the beast?

  • Contrary to SDA teachings, the third angel’s message warning on the mark of the beast has nothing to do with a day of worship (Saturday). Not once in the New Testament is Sunday ever referred to as the Mark of the Beast. The Seal of God is the Holy Spirit, not a sign of an obsolete covenant God made with Israel. “Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit..” (Ephesians 1:13). Jesus and His Apostles emphasized that true Christianity is a matter of the heart. The Mark of the Beast are those who do not have the Holy Spirit. See: Sabbath in the Bible 

Seventh-day Adventism has elevated an obscure and easily-misunderstood passage in the book of Revelation to a position of prime importance to their church. Unfortunately, they have misinterpreted the meaning of this passage, resulting in a twisted and warped understanding of their relationship to other Christian churches.

SDA’s twist Revelation!

  •  John explains repeatedly in his book of Revelation that it deals with things that were about to happen shortly after the book was written.

”This is a revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants the events that must soon take place” (Rev. 1:1). See also: Rev. 2:5, 16; 3:11; 22.

  • In the SDA mind-set, all those inspired expressions become meaningless, since Adventists claim that ‘soon’ means exactly the same as ‘distant’, ‘remote’ or ‘indefinite’. Naturally, that’s utter nonsense. When God caused the false prophet Balaam to predict Israel’s future, he knew very well the difference between ‘soon’ and ‘distant in time’ (Num. 24:17), and when God told Daniel about the future, he specified that a significant portion of his prophecy was for distant times (Dan. 8:26; 12:4, 9).

See our full verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter commentaries on Daniel and Revelation.

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8 responses to “SDA’s Twist Three Angel’s Messages”

  1. Yep, a sneaky doctrine they do have. It’s a shame, as there are some very nice people in the SDA Church.

    1. Many Churches Worship on Sun God Sunday! This was changed from the Saturday Sabbath By the Anti-Christ Catholic Church. Jesus is coming back for those that have his yes and Keep His Ten Commandments! You Don’t Know God or Love him if His Ten Commandments are too burdensome to Keep. God Blessed the Sabbath and Wants us to Remove and Keep the Sabbath. For on sixth days God Created All Things and on the Seventh Day he rested. Babylon wants you to Forget that God is the creator of all things. The Sabbath Remains in the Future in The Holy City coming down from Heaven. You can worship as Cain Worshiped in your own way and God reject you or you can Worship Correct ly as The Ten Commandments Command. Better to be like Able and Worship God and Not the False Church of the Coming Anti-Christ.
      This Article is full of Lies !!!!

  2. I am a former Seventh-day Adventist and now a Confessing Millerite Adventist. I now see and acknowledge that Seventh-day Adventists are wrong to interpret the Bible through Ellen White’s visions.

  3. I have no clear vision of the future but joyfully accept the basic and undeniable message of the three angels.

  4. Christianity began in the Middle East, so we must consider that in interpreting Revelation 14.
    Radical Islam, like ISIS, are attempting to destroy Christianity today in the Middle East,
    especially churches. The Catholics have nothing to do with this. Obviously the devil is behind this evil doing. The true facts are not found in the mainstream media. The Holy Spirit is needed to guide and lead the honest and sincere seeker of truth. Speculation is
    only that and no individual should guess at anything in these last days before Jesus returns.

    1. Islam believes that Christians and Jews are infidels. So it’s only common sense that they would never accept a Sunday Law of any kind. (China and
      India would never accept it either.) Jesus hinted that a false christ will appear
      in the Middle East, perform miracles and more, and all the world would be
      deceived and follow this beast. A headband and/or wristband worn would be
      the mark of a follower of this beast. SDAs are wrong in teaching that Sunday
      is the mark of the beast, which includes Ellen White and all their leaders.


    Dear Saints of the Most High God, Special Christian greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is soon to come. Please I need more information from you soon. We are an independent and Self-supporting Group here in Zambia. Continue being faithful to Him who called you and sent you for many be called but very few are chosen who are blessed like you. Continue the tremendous work you are doing by proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel in these last days of the Earth’s history and very soon you will be rewarded. Let us be faithful and Yeshuah will come soon. Iam looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless you all and may His coming rejoice your hearts.

  6. Notice that the 3 angels’ messages of Revelation 14 follow the appearance of the
    anti-christ of Revelation 13. So SDAs prove their ignorance of the Bible in teaching
    that these messages began in 1844, which is also unbiblical, as well as their IJ
    doctrine. Faithful Christians will sound the 3 angels’ messages when the anti-christ
    appears in the near future. Let’s be ready with the Holy Spirit’s help and power.

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SDA’s Twist Three Angel’s Messages


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