Commentary on the Book of Daniel

Check out our commentary on the Book of Daniel.

The compilation of this Daniel’s Commentary was an attempt to conduct a verse-by-verse exegesis of this inspired Book. The primary objective was to spiritually enrich my soul. As an SDA, I was immersed in the SDA interpretation of the Book of Daniel and Revelation. Since leaving Seventh-day Adventism, I wanted to relook at the Book of Daniel from a fresh perspective. The result is this commentary. Now I want to share this commentary with anyone who is passionate about deep diving into God’s word.

5 thoughts on “Commentary on the Book of Daniel

  1. jackson chanda

    PSALMS 119:105 Dearest Saints of our Lord Jesus Christ, Warmest Christian greetings to each one of you all, your beloved families and all the dear brethren at your Church in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. All the dear brethren at our home church and all the dear brethren are greeting each one of you. Thank you very much for the powerful and wonderful message you sent me, it really makes us to grow physically and spiritually here. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless each one of you all. I separated from the SDA Church long time ago. I do conduct crusade and door to door Evangelism. I preach more about 3 Angels message, present truth and more about the Sabbath. I will continue to pray for you, your beloved families, all the dear brethren at your church and God’s work you are faithfully doing. Please continue to pray for me, my beloved families, all the dear brethren at our Church and God’s work I am doing here. It is really encouraging to hear from you soon, SHALOM, SHALOM, ELDER CHANDA JACKSON

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